Magic of the Night is magician Stephen Knight's annual Halloween magic show featuring illusions, lights, music and special effects. More than a "Bunny-from-a-Hat" show, Magic of the Night is a full-stage theatrical experience that is perfect seasonal entertainment for all ages. Imagine Disney's Haunted Mansion playing host to a Las Vegas magic show, and you're getting the idea. But instead of a lovely showgirl being cut in half, it might just be a zombie who gets sliced in two!

Since 2006, audiences have marveled at the magic and illusions happening live on stage right before their eyes. In 2013, Stephen will attempt the ultimate test of endurance: Houdini's infamous Water Torture Escape! Imagine being tightly chained, hung upside down by the ankles, and submerged into a tank of water. Could you hold your breath long enough to escape? Can he? Find out LIVE!

We're currently booking dates for 2014 and beyond, so if you're interested in bringing this show to your venue in the future, contact us for more information!
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Magic of the Night contains NO blood or gore - it's just good, clean, haunted Halloween fun for the entire family. Check out some pictures from the show or take a look at our 60-second commercial.